UVC LED Modules

LED UVC is a clean technology that can be used for disinfection, deodorization, phototherapy and curing.Special LEDs that emit in the ultraviolet spectrum.

This LEDs offers the highest performance, most cost effective UVLEDs covering the entire UV LED spectrum from UVA, UVB and UVC.The patented technology that includes UV LEDs, UV LED fixtures and UV LED systems.

Features & Benefits

99.9% Sterilization:

Sterilizes 99.9% of key contamination indicator E.coli and key food poisoning indicator Staphylococcus aureus.

Zero Toxic Chemical Substances:

The technology is free of mercury and other toxic chemical substances, making it non-toxic and safe to use.

Long Lifetime of 50,000hr:

Long Lifetime of 50,000hr by L50 standards helps reduce replacement costs.

Low Energy Consumption:

Reduces energy costs with low energy consumption.


Water Purifier

(Sterilization Module Waterproof Type)


(Sterilization Module Waterproof Type)

Ice maker

(Sterilization Module Waterproof Type)

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