Germicidal Ultraviolet Lights

UVC Germicidal Lamps efficiently emit a large amount of ultraviolet rays 253.7 nm (nanometers) which have excellent germicidal effect. These lamps have structures and electrical characteristics similar to those of general fluorescent lamps used for illumination but use ultraviolet ray glass which efficiently transmits ultraviolet rays at 253.7 nm.

A large selection is available with different size, shapes and ultraviolet ray output so that the most appropriate one can be selected according to the purpose.

The Ultraviolet Lamps are primarily useful for sterilization of air, the surfaces of various materials and water or liquid.

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Highlights & Features

Philips TUV disinfection/germicidal lamps are used for killing or inactivating the bacteria, viruses and other primitive organisms. A Philips TUV lamp emits short wave UV radiation with a radiation peak at 253.7nm (UV-C) for germicidal applications. These UVC lamps are also known as UVC Tubes and UVC Tubelights.

Applications in Air, Water, and Surface Disinfection are:

Air Infect

Air disinfection can play an important role in a broad range of applications such as hospitals,schools,offices,industry,retail,hospitality and museums.

UV Floor

In medical environments,UV-C can be used to disinfect the surfaces (e.g.,floors,walls) of empty patient rooms and other sensitive areas such as operation rooms.

Air Luminaires

Waiting and recovery rooms in hospitals and sometimes class rooms in schools may use upper air luminaires for daily disinfection of the air. As air passes through, it gets disinfected and in general achieve reduction of 70-80% of viruses.

UV Lamps

UV systems can be used to disinfect water in a wide variety of applications including drinking water, wastewater, process water, swimming pools and ponds. UV lamps are available in wattages from 4W up to 1000W, allowing you to design disinfection systems for small (liters/min) up to very large municipal installations that use several hundred lamps.

Air Cooler

In air conditioning & HVAC systems,high output (HO) UV lamps will keep the cooling coil free from biofilm.Combined with photocatalytic oxidation they can also removes VCOs such as odors.


UV-C can be used in the transportation sector to disinfect interior surfaces in between rides. It also has applications in the retail (shopping carts,counters),industry and offices sectors.

Food Industry

In the food industry, UV -C can disinfect transport belts and packaging materials (yoghurt cups, drinking bottles etc.). It can also be used to directly treat products to increase shelf life and preserve nutritional value (fewer preservatives required).

Growing Plants

When growing plants,it is possible to reduce mold growth or diseases by radiating them directly with UV-C. This helps to reduce the use of pesticides.

Soft Glass Germicidal Lamps

S.No Type Wattage Length Ratted Life
1 TUV 4W 4W 136 MM 6000
2 TUV 6W 6W 210 MM 9000
3 TUV 8W 8W 1 FEET 11000
4 TUV PLS 9W 4PIN 9W 145 MM 9000
5 TUV 11W 11W 210 MM 11000
6 TUV 15W 15W 1.5 FEET 9000
7 TUV 16W 16W 1 FEET 11000
8 TUV 20W 20W 400 MM 11000
9 TUV 20W 4PIN 20W 438 MM 11000
10 TUV 25W 25W 1.5 FEET 9000
11 TUV 25W 4PIN 25W 556 MM 9000
12 TUV 30W 30W 3 FEET 9000
13 TUV 30W 30W 3 FEET 9000
14 TUV 36W T5 4PIN SINGLE END 39W 843 MM 9000
15 TUV 36W T5 SINGLE PIN 39W 843 MM 9000
16 TUV PLL 36W / 4PIN 36W 410 MM 9000
17 TUV 36W HO-T5 4PIN SINGLE END 75W 843 MM 9000
18 TUV 75W HO 75W 4 FEET 9000
19 TUV 130W Amalgam XPT SE 130W 842 MM 12000
20 TUV 325W Amalgam XPT SE 325W 1582 MM 12000