Insect Trap

Hygiene and food safety are crucial in professional applications such as restaurants, catering and the food and beverage industry. Insects, and in particular flies, pose a direct threat to food hygiene. The most effective and hygienic way to monitor the presence of insects is to attract them and eliminate them in an electronic fly killer (EFK).

BL Lamps

Why choose Philips Actinic BL lamps for insect traps?

Insect Trap

Optimized performance to attract most insects.


Proven and consistent quality and reliability.

Lamp Brekage

Secura version available with shatter proof sleeve to keep glass and components together in case of lamp breakage.

Good Environmental

Good environmental choice, 100% lead-free.

Wide Lamps

Wide range of lamps for existing and new insect trap units, including compact lamps for new designs and smaller equipment.

Insect Trap
S.No Product Apllication
1 ACTINIC BL 6W/10 Insect Trap
2 TL 8W/05
3 TLD 15W/05
5 TLD 30W/10
6 TLD 40W/05
7 TLK 40W/10R