Flexo print TL – High efficiency in reprographics and photopolymerization. Flexo print TL lamps emit almost all of their light (99.9%) in the useful UVA and visible blue wavebands – between 350 and 400 nm – and have peak intensity at 370 nm (except for the /03 version). This makes them ideal for flexo printing equipment and photopolymerization processes. In addition, the ‘R’ lamps in the family have an internal 200-degree reflector to further optimize the lamp’s overall efficiency.

Features & Benefits

Emit radiation in the range 380-480 nm with a maximum at 370 nm.

Best match with photo sensitizers.

Internal reflector.

Highest output on irradiated area.


Flexoprint reprograhic equipment

Diazo copying machines

Photopolymer plate making machines

Stamp making machines

Internal reflector

Insect Trap
S.No Product Apllication
1 TL 60W/10R Reprography
2 TL 80W/10R
3 TL 100W/ 10R
4 TL 140W/03
5 TL 140W/ 10 SLV/ 25